80g of lemon rind, 4/5 medium lemons, the skin must not be treated
200g ethyl alcohol 95%.
110g of sugar
220g of water
a glass jar with a stopper
one potato peeler
aluminium paper

Use the potato peeler to remove the lemon peel, take only the yellow part because the white is bitter and ruins the recipe, try to take as much yellow part as possible.

Put the lemon peel in the jar with the 200g of alcohol and alcohol (95%)
cover that with aluminium or in a dark place and at normal temperature, for 48 hours.

After 2 days filter the mixture by removing the peels, add the sugar, add the water and stir until all the succhero has dissolved.
Bottle and let rest for 10 days before consuming cold.


  • After one day the alcohol is able to take from the lemon most of the scent and flavor but not all so after a day it’s more fragrant, but more light, After 3 days alcohol took all the substances in the lemon peel, so in 3 days is a bit stronger. Take peel more than 3 days in the alcohol is useless and can be also dangerous for the recipe. Two days is the best mix.
  • You can adjust sugar if you prefer more or less sweets.
  • You can also adjust water if you want more or less stronger.

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