Leggende di Tallinn

The Old Man of Lake Ülemiste Questa leggenda vuole che nelle profondità del lago Ülemiste viva una creatura leggendaria, “Ülemiste Elder”, dalle sembianze di un vecchio uomo. ogni anno in autunno, quando le notti sono più lunghe e buie esso usciva dal lago per bussare al cancello di Viru per porre alle guardie la sua


80g of lemon rind, 4/5 medium lemons, the skin must not be treated 200g ethyl alcohol 95%. 110g of sugar 220g of water a glass jar with a stopper one potato peeler aluminium paper Use the potato peeler to remove the lemon peel, take only the yellow part because the white is bitter and ruins


Ingredients 500g lentils 2 sprigs of rosemary 2 cloves of garlic 400g sausages/sausage 300g tomato pulp 1 onion salt   After you have carefully washed the lentils cook in salted water together with garlic and rosemary for about 20 minutes.To prepare a sauce fry before the onion in the oil then add the tomato pulp.Combine

Angela Tiramisù

Ingredients 5 eggs 150g sugar 500g mascarpone Santa lucia or Granarolo 500g Savogliardi cookies 1 tablespoon of brandy milk salt Whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Mix egg yolks with sugar, then add mascarpone until you get a smooth cream while continuing to stir, add a tablespoon of brandy. Add the egg