How can I keep my SSH sessions from freezing

Especially with home connections ssh connections get freezes after few minutes just for an idle timeout.In order to avoid this is possible to setup a keep alive mechanism. To get your configuration working, make these configuration changes on the client:/etc/ssh/ssh_config Host * ServerAliveInterval 100 ServerAliveCountMax 2 ServerAliveInterval: Sets a timeout interval in seconds after which

Rabbitmq troubleshooting

Print all the queues with at least one message rabbitmqctl list_queues -p vhost_staging | awk -F”\t” ‘$2>0’ Memory consumed by Rabbitmq total and from management plugin rabbitmqctl status | grep -A2 -B0 “memory,” | grep total | awk -F”,” ‘{print substr($2, 1, length($2)-1)}’ rabbitmqctl status | grep -A13 -B0 “memory,” | grep mgmt_db | awk